The expression used in the title of this article has been pronounced in various familiar, working, and social settings by Cubans from different generations. As has been long known, it is a popular reference and homage to that lofty lady from theater, radio, cinema and television of our country: Gina Cabrera.
Last May 28th, Luisa Georgina Cabrera Parada turned 90. She has devoted more than half of her long life to treat us to her art, either in Cuba or other parts the world. She was a woman of an uncommon talent as an actress and of refined beauty, combined with a strict discipline and determination in her professional training. Gina succeeded in radio and television in the prime of her life, conquering the hearts of the Cubans.
Her bright performances made her an undisputed star, requested by renowned directors of Unión Radio Televisión and Circuito CMQ such as Antonio Vázquez Gallo, Carlos Piñeiro and Roberto Garriga -the latter being her first husband- since she was considered a trump card to increase the ratings.
After her last performances, in the late 90´s, she got away from the media. This originated numerous legends: one of them was her death. However, she still lives and has just turned 90. Many happy returns, Gina! May we compare to you in our own professions!