Grupo de danza mexicana con sus trajes tradicionales.
Colombia y su reina del carnaval le aportaron alegría a la Fiesta.

For years I thought that the best way to enjoy that unnamable festival of cultures that is held every July in Santiago de Cuba, and especially during its inaugural parade, was sitting in the portals of the City Hall in the “Cespedes” Park: the scene for ceremonies and the evolutions of all the groups and delegations. This time I ventured into the long and colorful row in which you "see" the music, and live drums, guitars, cornets or multiple other instruments, the harmonies of the bodies themselves overflowing under the implacable sun.
The snake is alive and preparing for next time, for the next parade of this multicultural party created by Joel James and a group of enlightened friends, today led by Orlando Vergés and his team, who knew that only getting to know popular culture and its carriers we will have certainty of who we are.