When, on the 6th of the sixth month of the year 1966, Santiago García founded the Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura in Bogotá, a path was opened for the contemporary Latin American theater and culture. The group, soon to be called Teatro La Candelaria, based in the namesake neighborhood in Bogotá, has been a permanent reference of search and renewal, of fruitful creativity. It has animated a theater committed to its social and dialoguing environment with its audience.
More than five decades of passion for theater and for life mark the daily meeting and confrontation of ideas. Both, Santiago García and Patricia Ariza -the director of the group for the last five years- insist on creating, every single day of their lives and in their old house, together. In almost a hundred works, created collectively and individually, they have dreamed of a better country, faced horror and fought against violence. They have developed techniques that, far from running the risk of becoming stagnant, involve an essential dialectical vocation for renovating restlessness and deep immersion in reality, beauty and complexity: all this with an aesthetic brilliance and respect for human dignity.