Alberto de Betolaza, presidente del Consejo Mundial de Artesanías para América Latina.

The presence of a remarkable craft tradition in Trinidad is related unconditionally to its history and condition of third town well-founded in Cuba, on 1514. The professions and handicrafts have been all over the years the means of subsistence of men and women in this territory of the Cuban province of Sancti Spíritus.
According to this, since 2015, by initiative of the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists in this province, proceedings were developed to solicit the World Council of Handicrafts a formal announcement where Trinidad is recognized as the Craft City of the World.
A jury of experts is examining this request, due to these practices in the different economic, social and cultural contexts and in support of the normal development of the city.  
To declare Trinidad as the Craft City of the World means more than locating this region on a map, or attracting sights to the productions: it’s about a bet on a living legacy within entire families, for generations, families who take up these practices as life forms.