De la serie Very, very light… And very oscuro (Un policía con Alzheimer). Ling Cheng and Borishka llegan, 2009. Óleo sobre tela.

Much has been written about Rocío Garcia’s work. It has been often said that it is marked by eroticism, a subject under which the idea of power underlies (among others). «The struggle for power eroticizes. The fight can be sexual, social, psychological or political (...) Human beings have a strong erotic side that they seek to repress at all costs. The private space where this eroticism is unleashed plays a fundamental role, probably because Rocío adds a destabilizing factor that «turns» the canvas into a police scene of fascinating perversion.
In the last few months, Rocío García has been in the United States. Several headlines have echoed what happened at the Kennedy Center: «the Cuban artistic avant-garde arrives in Washington, » this is how CNN publicized the event. Rocío was part of the numerous and at the same time select group of artists for this initiative called Artes de Cuba. «I took advantage of all the interesting things that happened at the Kennedy Center (which was a lot). Since Fundarte from Miami had invited me to participate in its festival «Out in the tropics» last year, I thought it would be fine to do my first mini-retrospective. The curator was Elvia Rosa Castro, who has just inaugurated Secca in North Carolina, another exhibition in which I also participate. For «Out in the tropics», we focused on exposing a work from each of the series: from the geishas to this last one, which I do not want to talk about until it «gets cold»... ».