«La rumba está en el alma de los cubanos», aseguró Miguel Barnet.
El Fallen Angel, Igor Mitoraj. Pisa, Italia.

To reach the country of the Sistine Chapel, the Arts, the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Renaissance, The Pieta (The Pity) by Michelangelo, the squares and all the rest we may imagine, by the hand of rumba is simply something else. Discover Italy by the Cuban culture, and understand how much identity elements have been inserted in a distant place, thousands kilometres away, offers another experience. That’s the case of people who participate on the 5th Timbalaye International Forum: The rumba’s route, a meeting coordinated by the Timbalaye cultural sponsor, with its venue in Rome, by the hand of professional dancers like Ulises Mora and Irma Castillo, has shown the best of Cuba for more than twenty years in this continent.
A various program has conceived the event. Conferences, lectures, artistic presentations and massive conversations, as well the visits to multiple cities of the Italic peninsula have built up a fantastic trip for those travelling for the first time to watch and learn as much as time allows.  
Paris and Rome. Rome and Paris. Two capital cities of relevance to the Modern world, which have count on a constant presence in its sonority in the last days: rumba, a rhythm that talks about Cuban people’s power, its resistance, its cultural origins, its love for the land where they’re born...
Europe by the rumba rhythm is always the best.