Sin título, 2017.
El caso de la rubia platino, 2016.
Sistemas en V, 2016.

Within the artistic creation process, one of the obsolete principles for The-Merger is the ego supremacy. Initially formed as a trio, Mario Miguel González (Mayito), Niels Moleiro and Alain Pin, the last one continuing his career alone at the moment, their works are the result of a factory where the final result is the whole point of these artists.
Together for nine years, The-Merger has had an active participation in several international art fairs like Scope Art Fair (Basilea, Switzerland, 2009), International Art Fair of Bogotá (Bogotá, Colombia, 2010), Art Miami Art Fair (Florida, United States, 2010), Moscow International Art Fair (Moscow, Russia, 2013) and Art Madrid (Madrid, Spain, 2016). Now they have presence on the XXVII International Contemporary Art Fair Santander, in Spain, where the participation of Arte por Excelencias’ guaranteed.
Bronze, stainless steel, black chromium-plate steel, PVC, wood… The-Merger has brand new ways for their works of art. This change somehow may be seen in Paralelos discordantes (Conflicting Parallels), the only Cuban project that enriches Art Santander, a space for international contemporary creation.