La gala inaugural se celebró en el patio del Palacio de Carlos V de la Alhambra. Tomada de
Cines del Sur: un espacio multicultural. Foto: @yricardo.
Alexis Díaz-Pimienta impartió un taller de décimas e improvisación poética. Foto: @yricardo

The XI Edition of the Cines del Sur (Cinema from the South) International Festival took place in Granada from June 3 to 10: a space to promote the meeting between industry professionals, in which fifty films from thirty-five countries of the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and Latin America were screened.
The inaugural gala, held in the beautiful courtyard of the Palacio de Carlos V of the Alhambra, tasted like Cuba. The master of ceremonies, poet Alexis Díaz-Pimienta, delighted the more than eight hundred attendees with improvised verses of what we call décima, which is nothing more than an «Andalusian verse, a classic stanza that traveled to Cuba and stayed there forever».
Cines del Sur is a multicultural space that aims to provide visibility for films away from commercial circuits. Many of them are seen for the first time in Spain, although they have already passed successfully through festivals such as the Berlinale. For Díaz-Pimienta, the meeting is a «tour of lights through the eyes, a trench of contemporary cinema».