Discurso ornamental, 2015. Acrílico sobre lienzo, 140 cm x 190 cm.
El parto de los montes, 2017. Acrílico sobre lienzo, 180 cm x 130 cm.

1. The already noted tendency to prioritize -in the artistic culture- the instrument above the content.
2. Submission of many people to the law of value.
3. A certain dehumanized tendency to reject artists whose biological age is advanced, although they have an authentic and fruitful work.
4. The obsessive tendency to convert the transnationalized symbols of profit and importance into paradigms of daily living.
5. The excessive focus on issues of gender and ethnic presence, forgetting the essential dilemmas of being and feeling national.
6. The repeated appropriation by certain state employees from organizations dedicated to the promotion and sale of art, defining themselves as absolute owners of the work and management spaces where they work.
7. Curatorial and commercial labeling approaches that start from the generational wiping of the slate clean and alien tendentiousness.
8. The adoration of the God of Profit, a result in part from the real needs experienced by the majority population of a nation that has had to survive under constant contingencies and at the same time fight to not stop being.
9. A similarity between the management of certain offers of cultural production and the action of selling a mediocre product.
10. Marked idealism in certain professional education programs, specifically in the cultural and artistic field.
11. To have allowed a neutral art, from anywhere, lacking personal and contextual roots, to impose itself as a foothold for talented young creators.