He does not mention at all the possible Guinness record for that monumental work of eighteen thousand square meters that he has fostered, on the border between Mexico and the United States. And the fact is that Mexican artist Enrique Chiu (Guadalajara, 1981) knows that the most important thing of this artistic endeavor has been to unite creators from both sides of the border to paint in Tijuana, Baja California, a “Mural de la Hermandad” (Mural of the Brotherhood) with stories that allude to the drama of thousands of Latin Americans who every year try to cross over to the United States in search of a less uncertain future.

He has traveled to Cuba for the first time. He is right before me in the courtyard of “Casa del Benemérito Benito Juarez,” in the heart of the Historic Center of Old Havana, to tell “Arte por Excelencias” about the reasons for his presence among us and the project that has been followed with enthusiasm by those who already qualify it as "a message of resistance and hope".

The media has stressed that the “Mural de la hermandad” project is aimed at protesting against the wall that the current president of the White House, Donald Trump, plans to build on the common border with Mexico. And it is also a complaint about the migration policies that the American president promotes.