Madrid is consolidated as the new European capital of art on paper. This spring, its museums have been filled with activities and exhibitions focused on paper as a means of cultural and artistic transmission: the Madrid Paper Week. In its second edition, it is defined as a week of drawing, print, and the illustrated book, whose objective is to disseminate, promote and foster fine arts in Spain.

There is very clear support from various institutions to work so that Madrid, with time and tenacity, becomes the nerve center of the promotion and dissemination of the culture of art on paper. This is the setting for the Gabinete Art Fair, one of the first fairs of drawing, printing and fine arts in southern Europe.

To prepare this edition of 2019, the fourth, Gabinete has signed agreements with various public and private institutions to help promote drawing, print and the illustrated book in Madrid and Spain. Among them, it is worth mentioning the City Council of Madrid and the Madrid Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.