Drums, colors, loves and many other reasons unite crowds through the streets of Brazil every year in search of the carnival party. Generally, the largest popular celebration in the country and one of the largest in the world is always held in February, but in 2019 it was in the first week of March. The best-known carnival in the world is that of the Sapucaí, where the parades of the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro take place.

São Paulo also has its parades and schools attracting many tourists. In the northeast, there are several street blocks that celebrate with many bands to the sound of various rhythms, but mainly Axé, which was popularized as typically Baiana music, from the fusion of African rhythms in Brazil.

Only living the carnival of Minas Gerais can give you a real idea of all the exuberance that is achieved with the simplest fantasy, body painting, gestures or singing, which dictate the rhythm of a time that always leaves memories for those who participate and an expectation for the next carnival, whose preparation takes place throughout the year.