In the early eighties, Waldemar “Cachila” Silva took charge of the direction of the comparsa "Morenada," founded by his father in 1953. In 1999 he decided, along with Margarita Barrios, his wife, to found a new group. Thus emerged C 1080, popularly known as Cuareim 1080, which owes its name to the address of the “Mediomundo,” a former tenement and a symbol of “Barrio Sur” where Silva was born and lived a large part of his youth.

The group quickly became one of the most important in the country, winning numerous awards in official competitions and symbolically occupying the place that for years had corresponded to Morenada as the representative group of the Barrio Sur.

At the moment, the “comparsa” has a variable makeup that can go from the sixty people that participate in the official contest of the Carnivals to the approximately two hundred that can get to take part of the “Desfile de Llamadas” parade.