María Isabel Díaz
Vuelve al cine cubano con El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García.

María Isabel Díaz Lago, in the public imagination, continues to be Ofelia, the character of Una novia para David (A girlfriend for David,) that young university student who, due to the demands of the script of Orlando Rojas and Senel Paz, conquers her schoolmate David. María Isabel captivated the spectators with that young student who did not fit the canons of beauty that are still demanded inside and outside the Island as part of the patriotic pride.

A good actress is, in the first place, a good interpreter of life. This is not absolute but in the case of María Isabel Díaz it is fulfilled. All her performances are approached with the mastery of understanding. Performances are her strength. We saw her doing Janice in La llamada, directed by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, a first work full of awards and nominations. She has finished the shooting of El Continental, another series set in the 1920s, and has returned to the cinema with a new leading role. This is El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García (Celeste Garcia’s Extraordinary Journey): Arturo Infante´s first feature film.