The “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” (Polytechnic University of Valencia) has just presented a reissue of the book “Alicia Alonso, más allá de la técnica” (Alicia Alonso, beyond technique,) with the novelty of exposing this essential work in two languages to demonstrate, with sound arguments - textual and graphic - how the extraordinary Cuban dancer was professionally ahead of her time.

Before the official launch in Spain, the professor and president of the Commission of Sciences of the Valencian Council of Culture, José María Lozano, traveled to Havana to give the prima ballerina assoluta of Cuba the first fifteen copies of the new edition of this volume of María del Carmen Hechavarría, ex-dancer and maître of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. 

The book is a challenge even from the very cover when showing Alonso in a position, in the second act of The Swan Lake, which current dancers of Odette - the white swan - still try to achieve, most unsuccessfully.