Arte al limite
Grimanesa Amorós, Lima Social Diary.

Peruvian-American artist Grimanesa Amorós confesses to being a lover of rap and poetry, and unites both in a single concept. Her art has been defined as a meeting between the past and the future, constantly returning to the legacy of her native Peru as when she deals with, in her illuminated sculptures, the theme of the floating islands of the Uros on Lake Titicaca, made with dry “totora ” and reeds during the pre-Inca period. Her illuminated sculptures are “an event” in the whole world, and so Juanito Delgado has considered her for his project “Detràs del Muro” of the XIII Biennial of Havana. For Grimanesa, the first fortnight of April 2019 has become a short journey between the restoration work of the house Sarrá (507 Malecón and Lealtad Street) and the hotel Terral, on the adjoining corner, where she has set up her command post from early morning hours until very late at night.

"The work, which has been possible thanks to the City`s Historian Office and its construction company “Puerto Carena,” is called “Mariposa Dorada” (Golden Butterfly) and is inspired by the national flower of Cuba," – says she, exclusively for “Arte por Excelencias.” The butterfly has different concepts. My aim is to make people think about what they are seeing. Each one of them will have their own vision, and with inspiration they become more creative not only in art, but in their personal life.”