Autoridades de la provincia inauguran el Festival.
Raúl Zurita, uno de los poetas latinoamericanos más importantes de la actualidad.
Pasión Vega interpretando a Lorca

Bards from everywhere inaugurated the 16th International Festival of Granada City Poetry. A magical afternoon, with readings of verses in Arabic, French, English and Spanish, before hundreds of concentrated Grenadians in what was the summer house of the García Lorca family. The guests, first class: American Robert Hass (Pulitzer Poetry Prize), Moroccan poet and activist Abdellatif Laabi (Goncourt Award) and Chilean Raúl Zurita (Iberian-American Poetry Prize “Pablo Neruda” and one of the most important Latin American poets at present).

Hass brought back to memory the first memories, his dead father who did not teach him how to die...Laabi, exiled in France, spoke of resistance, while Zurita recalled, from the start, Víctor Jara, and then moved on to his anti-dictatorships poetry, that he lived personally. Because what Latin American poet under 70 does not have, out of a sense of duty, to raise his song against the dictatorships that have devastated our continent?