Rebaño, de la serie Letargo, Alejandro Campins, 2018, óleo / lienzo, 150 cm x 250 cm.
Ariamna Contino frente a su obra.
Curaduría de David Mateo.
Fragile Garden, Carlos Garaicoa.

The Venice Biennale is always a test space for artists and curators of art. The fifty-eighth edition of the event, inaugurated in May 2019, was no exception: the critics, the gallery owners, all those who dictate guidelines in the international circuits of exhibitions and the market, and the increasingly vast public willing to decipher trends and twists in the creative dynamics, set eyes again on the Italian city of the channels.

Cuba was officially represented by a national pavilion in which three young artists, who live and work in the West Indian island, exhibited works - Alejandro Campins, Ariamna Contino and Alex Hernández - and an Italian guest: Eugenio Thibaldi.

As the motto of the 58th Biennial, on the proposal of its main curator, American Ralph Rugoff, "Living in interesting times," suggested taking on the current challenges of the human species, the curator of the Cuban show, Margarita Sánchez Prieto, chose to draw attention to the fragility of the environment assaulted by the excessive and irrational exploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation.