Every year, in this autumn time of the year, the ArtBo International Fair has been opening since 2005, in the Colombian capital.  This 2019 the Fair dressed its “quinceañera ” evening dress, translated into the maturity, elegance and professionalism exhibited, both in what was exposed in its spaces and in the general design of the forum. Without a doubt, one of the great fairs of the south of our America. The event took place from September 18 to 22 in the renovated and centrally located Corferias.

 To walk through the wide aisles of the Fair, where more than sixty-five galleries from South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States and Europe met, with a scrutinizing look, trying to unravel the hundreds of works of innumerable artists who arrive from all corners of the world, their stories, realities, dreams, life and imaginations.  It is, at the end of the tour - beyond a cultural and spirit enrichment, something natural when getting in contact with art - an archeological find, which widens our knowledge.