Each restored copy of an important film means a rebirth, the beginning of a new itinerary on the screens of the world that, at times, did not enjoy at its premiere. Thanks to the restoration by the archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, The Death of a Bureaucrat (1966), directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, was exhibited on Tuesday, September 3 as part of the “Venice Classics” of the Official Section of the 76th International Exhibition of Cinematic Art of Venice.

The “Giardino” hall, on the Lido, the island where the oldest festival in the world takes place, was filled with a mostly young audience. That very humorous comedy provoked the same reactions as those on us, who lost count of the times we saw it. After the laughter in crescendo, came the ovation not only for the impact caused, but for the quality noted in the copy.