When in December 2019 the Viñales Valley, located in the Sierra de los Órganos, Pinar del Río, reaches its twenty years of having been declared as a World Heritage Site in the category of Cultural Landscape by UNESCO, it will celebrate it with the implementation of a novel sustainable tourism strategy, developed mainly by the community.

 For Katherine Muller-Main, director of the Regional Office of Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO, the development of a sustainable community tourism strategy for the Viñales Valley, was carried out by the community in such an impressive way that none of the points raised were eliminated.  «On the contrary, they were validated by many institutions.  It was the community itself that made an analysis of how they see the future of Viñales: how they want to get there and what needs to be done to achieve it.  Tourism is good because it brings progress, but we must take care that excessive and uncontrollable tourism does not affect what we have,” he said.