After a long absence from the main Havana stages, particularly those spaces specialized on showing the most creative in contemporary dance, choreographer Rosario Cárdenas – Premio Nacional de Danza (National Dance Award,) founder and general director of her own company - offers a review of two of  her most successful choreographic creations, as well as a couple of absolute premieres of her own and the premiere in Cuba of a recent work by Nelson Requera, her former disciple, who returns to the fold as a prized prodigal son with a choral piece for a whole night, the second week, always at the beautiful and damaged Mella theater in Havana.

The first program could be described as a "whole Cardenas," for giving us fragments (very revived) of María Viván (1997), choosing scenes inspired by the texts of the iconic Cuban playwright Virgilio Piñera, among them Lady Dadiva (sic), La cartomántica,  Rosa Cagí and La carne de René.  This piece received, among other awards, the important “Premio Villanueva de la Crítica” (Villanueva Critics Award) (Uneac) of 1998. It was followed by Tributo a El Monte (2013), a tribute to researcher Lydia Cabrera, author of the homonymous book, a seminal source for the studies of African-root religions in the Cuban archipelago.