The “Transit Festival,” founded in November 1992, reached its ninth edition this summer at the home of the iconic Odin Teatret and headquarters of the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, in Holstebro, Denmark. It was led by actress, director and professor Julia Varley, who is also, together with Jill Greenhalgh, the founder of the “Magdalena Project,” born in Wales to provide visibility for the work of women on the stage, and capable of generating related events in several cities of Latin America: Cali, Santiago de Chile, Quito and Santa Clara, among others, which has contributed to multiply a network of constant exchange and growth. The motto of this “Transit”: Hope in Action. Theater-Women-Will, proposed to correct the sign of previous editions, pervaded by issues related to gender violence and possible alternatives to fight it, and introduced the perspective of hope in action as a boost for the future.

“Transit 2019” brought together more than a hundred artists from thirty countries, who put on forty-eight shows, a film, four master classes, four trainings, two exhibitions, were part of six workshops, and hosted a symposium and several discussion sessions around the central theme, in which each participant reflected from his own experience of life and creation.