Since discovering the most innovative artistic offerings of Swab Barcelona Art Fair was all about, we went in search of the twelfth edition of some of the most interesting offerings.

Luis Nava and Patricia Stiller created the “Janet 40” gallery in Mexico, a project that organizes exhibitions with digital content and works through their website, social networks and pop-ups in various physical spaces.

Also from Mexico are Andrew Roberts and Mauricio Muñoz, who run the “Deslave” gallery in Tijuana, "a hybrid," says Andrew, "among the curatorial team with other museums and institutions for which we sometimes hold exhibitions."

Further south I found Luca Benites, a Brazilian who has traveled around the world with his work.  «I currently have four galleries that represent me: Hall 4, of Argentina; Zielinsky, here in Barcelona and in Brazil; Murilo Castro, in Miami; and Ansorena, in Madrid ».

And from Argentina is Néstor Zonana, director of the “Pabellón 4 Arte Contemporáneo,” in Buenos Aires.  "I am very happy," he says, "how the fair has evolved and how it has increasingly shaped its image with respect to similar events in Europe and Latin America"