Two exhibitions related to feminism are being held at the Center of Contemporary Culture in Barcelona: La vanguardia feminista de los años setenta (The feminist vanguard of the seventies), Obras de la Sammlung Verbund Collection (Works of the Sammlung Verbund Collection,) Viena (Vienna,) and Coreografías del género (Choreographies of the genre,) whose curators are, respectively, Gabriel Schor and Marta Segarra. Likewise, a series of parallel activities take place, where a dialogue is engaged and the reason that led a group of artists in the 1970s to transgress the art established by man from a more radical point of view that denounces current feminisms is explained.

In “La vanguardia”… two hundred and seventy-three artists from different continents, who were born between 1920 and 1950, exhibit their works, among which there is a dozen from Latin America.

As for the exhibition Coreografías del género, the works of about twenty artists born between the sixties and nineties are shown, which are chronologically the continuators of the Spanish conceptual art of that time, although some works by Latin American artists are also included.