In Santo Domingo, the first city in the New World, there is a theater group that for twenty-eight years has defended the ties between tradition and modernity. Its name is Guloya, because his director, a young actor graduated from the Higher Institute of Art of Havana, under the mentorship of professor Flora Lauten decided to create the group to retake a dance-theater-musical expression of his country, practiced by the guloyas of San Pedro de Macorís, and try to interpret it from the present.  

With the same impetus, he resolved to overcome the lack of systematic context to establish and maintain stable groups in the conditions of the country, without regular subsidy or other guarantees. He learned from the efforts of Gayumba, the group founded by Manuel Chapuseaux and Nives Santana, of Brechtian roots, and took the best of another as Nuevo Teatro, of Stanislavskian orientation, founded by Rafael Villalona, an independent theater paladin, and with the rigorous teaching of María Castillo, actress, director and professor.