Daniela Cabrera / La Puntilla / Miramar.
Ana Lucía Prado / Los Sitios / Centro Habana.
Daniela Cabrera / F y 19 / El Vedado.
Glenda García / Momumento a José Miguel Gómez / El Vedado.
Naysis Mariet Pérez / Palacio del Segundo Cabo / Habana Vieja.

Gabriel Dávalos (Havana, April 1981). Cuban photographer specialized in dance, with a degree in Journalism (2005) from the Communication Faculty in the University of Havana. Self-taught, most of his work is made with images of Cuban dancers of the National Ballet of Cuba and other important companies of the world. From the beginning in photography he chose the language of dance to tell the story of his time through the world of sensations.