At the age of 18, my nomadic spirit stirred me up and I went down the path looking for a trade, unsure of my vocation for three years. But one day, by sheer chance and led by a friend’s advice, I applied for a scholarship in Cuba. There I studied Medicine, but at the same time another more powerful career cohabited in me: that of “art and travel.” The music of the Island, love and friends formed a solid backbone that I have been filling later with the imaginary of later trips.
I think that traveling made me renounce border lines, roots, accent, whatever we inherit that blindfolds us and does not let us see the others. I believe that finding oneself in the unknown is seeing that we are not so different, that our desires travel along the same course, that there is a similar voice, in spite of languages, and that it is not the landscape, however majestic it may be, that remains, but a look that could well be ours, dreaming of and expecting the same.