Diana Rosa Suárez, an actress, presenter, reciter and singer, bestowed with Premio por la obra de la vida (Award for a lifetime´s work) by Agencia Artística de Artes Escénicas Actuar, reveals, in an exclusive interview for Arte por Excelencias, momentous events of her artistic career of over fifty years in theater, cinema, radio and television, which earned her fame in Cuba.
"I always knew I would be an actress; the need to act is a passion that has accompanied me since I was a child, when I performed biblical and choral works in the Presbyterian Church of the Havana neighborhood of Luyanó, where I lived, until today that I continue to work in different media.
«The character that I have loved the most is Fefita, from the play El año que viene, by Héctor Quintero. It is such a beautiful and simple character: a woman with immense desires to have a child but never could, who sensitized me deeply. However, I love playing evil, impure, vicious female characters...that have nothing to do with me. I enjoy playing those characters that are far away from my personality ».