Sin perspectiva, Felipe Dulzaides, Cuba, instalación.
Monumento al hombre incompleto, Adrián Fernández, Cuba, instalación.
La palabra.

Detrás del muro is a project that was born with the tenth Biennial and given its conception of Art to interact is, perhaps, one of the installations of the great event of the Visual Arts in Cuba for which the public feels more attracted to. As its name indicates, the stage of this sociocultural project is the Malecon, the great sofa of Havana, where one way or another we all get there. In an exclusive interview for the tenth anniversary of Arte por Excelencias magazine, Juan Delgado, its creator and curator, tells us more details.
«The Malecon asks you and answers you back. It is a wonderful place where we carry our joys and sorrows. The sea is like a therapy. We are surrounded by the sea. It was a need of mine to do something on the Malecon and to be different. The Malecon is a liquid stage. All the works are made for the Malecon. They are new. Among the artists are David Magán, Enrique Martínez Celaya, José Dávila, Alejandro Piñero, Adrián Fernández and Javier Cisneros. It is one of the most difficult and ambitious projects. Without passion there is no Art. I am passionate about Art ».