The Biennial, Cuba's largest international visual arts event, regularly floods Havana like a tidal wave since 1984. In that foundational year, the organizers could not fancy the full scale of such encounter, which began with an interest in "the most current artistic creation in Latin America and the Caribbean". Names like Manuel López Oliva, Roberto Fabelo, Manuel Mendive and Moisés Finalé made up the list of plastic artists who did commit themselves (and still do) for it.
The public at the capital and the foreigner one have felt the Biennial on the streets, interacting with the works of art, participating in creative experiences as a living entity that inhabits the city. On each corner, you can find a gigantic work of art that lasts over time and still remains after the Biennial. That is the Biennial like: an artistic tsunami that changes lives, scenarios and adorns Havana on its way to its 500th anniversary.