La teatralización de las danzas folclóricas (The dramatization of folk dances,) the latest documentary film by Producciones Caricatos, directed by Pedro Maytin Tejera, attests to how necessary it is to rethink the infinite variations of folk dances.
In this work, Miguel Barnet emphasizes the imprint of the immense work of Don Fernando Ortiz. Dr. Isabel Monal recalls the passage through the Theater of Nations in Paris of the informants of Argeliers León. Lázara Menéndez explains why so many Africans came to Cuba. Barbara Balbuena clarifies notions that help to disrupt prejudices.
There is no wish to teach lessons. The documentary proposes different edges of the topic, told by authoritative voices. It suggests lines for controversy and stimulates inquiry, because there is still plenty to be said. It shows how little we have worked to treasure some part of the culture marked by oral tradition and warns about the risk of losing their manifestations when time comes for their exponents to leave this world.