The legacy of the Trova Tradicional Cubana has resulted in the emergence of the Nueva Trova as befits the foundations of its natural heirs. But when the representativeness of this historical fact is revered by someone like musicologist Lino Betancourt, we witness to the ennoblement of such dedication.
Although these songs of the Vieja Trova contain enough enchantment to be received as wonders of the heritage of the nation, Lino’s preaching, as an apostle of the inspirations of prophets turned into musicians, gives them the indispensable breath of Cubanness that sustains our pride.
Besides being described as a living archive of history in the Trova Tradicional, the unfathomable capacity of the knowledge acquired by this man, bestowed with “National Radio Networks Award,” appears harmoniously merged with his enriching interpersonal skills, which makes him a very dear person.
Yes, Lino, as our José Martí declared: "Death is not true when you have fulfilled the work of your life."