Opuestos, Kadir López. Malecón de La Habana. XII Bienal.
Tremenda muela, Alejandro Darío, Parque Lennon, El Vedado. XII Bienal
La esquina fría (pista de patinaje en el Malecón), Duke Riley. XII Bienal.

The Biennial is today the most complex event of all those in the artistic scene anywhere in the world, and the most spectacular one in the most strict sense of the word. Its full extent is not always understood, because sometimes it is only possible to visit it partially, but that is its great challenge now that it expands through so many places in the city of Havana.
We have experienced, since its first edition in 1984, a kind of individual and collective epic: we, curators, technicians and editors, as well as institutions that have fully supported us in our short but complex history, starting with the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas (National Council of Plastic Arts) and the Ministry of Culture of our country.
Hence, some experts have dared to describe the Biennial of Havana as a true miracle: that is one of the most objective images that we have projected towards the outside, especially on those who have either a short or vast experience in these matters. Without aiming to achieve official or popular recognition, we have not done anything else for thirty-five years than working for the sake of art, culture, the city, the country where the Biennial takes place.