In our country, the cast of dramatized radio and television programs always had leading figures: great wholehearted artists who did not care whether they had a leading or costar role, or were asked to do a special performance. One of them was José Corrales, whom Cubans remember as one of the great villain heartthrob actors.
Born on March 21, 1931, in Matanzas, Corrales was worthy of several honorary titles, orders, medals, prizes and awards bestowed on him, including the “Premio Actuar por la Obra de la Vida” (Actuar Award for a Lifetime´s Work). He never felt confused because of such acknowledgements that made him express on a certain occasion: "It is true that “all the glory of the world fits in a grain of corn.” I have never wanted to be vain, or, at least, I have wrestled not to be. Vanity and pride are not accepted for a genuine actor. An actor must be brilliant, but there must be a man in him, a human being, someone who deserves respect and consideration and not just the public's admiration."