The conceptual platform of the XIII Biennial of Havana, under the motto of “building what is possible”, proposes to be a scenario for the exchange of ideas that prioritize the need of balance between society, culture and nature. The event is conceived as a space for artistic interventions based on the concept of art as a live event or a continuous experience, which extends beyond the traditional notions of authorship and aesthetic autonomy. For the first time, the Havana Biennial will also take place in other Cuban cities, including Matanzas.

As a guest artist at the XIII Biennial of Havana, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons is the founder and artistic director of the Intermittent Rivers project, an exhibition concept based on the idea of transformation and the curative quality of traditional cultures in the region. Campos-Pons has a deep understanding of the rich cultural legacy of this city and is aware of how memory, trauma and erasures can only be resolved through healing. Healing here is conceived as a transcendental force, and also as a transforming gesture.


Adrián Sancho
Adrián Socorro
Agustín Drake
Ambreen Butt
Ana María Velasco
Annie Aguettaz
Bahia Shehab
Ben Sloat
Bruna Esposito
Carrie Mae Weems
Cosmo Whyte
Cullen Washintong
Dario Ghibaudo
Dawit L. Petros
Dawit L. Petros
Elizabeth Awalt
Enrique Casas
Evelyn Rydz
Fernando Cruz
Gerald Genta
Guillermo Galindo
Iftikhar and Elizabeth Dadi
Ingrid Calame
Jorge J. Gutiérrez Salomón
José A. Hernández
José Ramón Chávez
Josephine Halvorson
Julie Meheretu
Julio Díaz Fleitas
Lázaro de Jesús Marrero
Lorenzo Padilla
María Magdalena
Marilá Dardot
Mary Sibande
Matteo Basilé
Maurizio Cannavaciuolo
Melvin Edwards
Naiza Khan
Olu Oguibe
ON Bosuqe templado
Otobongo Nkanga
Paul Stephen Banjamin
Ramón Pacheco
Roberto Braulio
Rolando Estévez
Rubier Bernabeu
Torben Giehler
Tracey Snelling
Vittorio Messina
William Harris
Yuriel M. García


Adriana Riera
Adversy Alonso
Alejandro Baró
Claudia Padrón
Ernesto Cruz
Ernesto Millán
Julio César García
Leslie Loyola


Alejandro Acierto
Alicia Henry
Brandon Donahue
Farrar Hood Cusomato
Jamaal B. Sheats
Jana Harper
Mel Ziegler
Vesna Pavlovic