Renowned Puerto Rican salsa player Gilberto Santa Rosa arrived in Cuba at a special moment in his life: the celebration of his forty years of musical work. “Discovering it at this point in my life has been a significant experience” - he affirmed to our magazine.
«It is so nice to come to Cuba, to have such an incredible experience. Undoubtedly, it has been a tremendous celebration, these forty years. Coming to this country, the island that has the roots of the music that we make, is a special moment for this celebration in my career. And here we are. I have had the support of the audience. That was my biggest concern, but thank God people came out of the performances very happy ».
»To meet the Cuban public has been special; maybe at another time it would not have been like that, and it's magical for me, the members of my family that accompany me and the musicians.
»I am grateful and impressed after the concerts in Varadero and Havana, I have received a lot of love on the stage and while walking down the street. They have been very emotional moments for me. The best thing is that I have lived this accompanied by my family. They are as excited as I am to be in Cuba and share these days ».