Within two years, Arco will be four decades old. Despite the different political, war, economic and social events that have taken place during this long period of time, it has continued to be one of the benchmark fairs in the most transgressive forms of contemporary art. In the current 38th edition, 203 galleries from 31 countries have been present, of which 166 are part of the General Program and the rest of the curated programs. Most of the galleries are European, mainly Spanish –14 Catalan – and Latin American. It is evident that times have changed, but it is worrisome that there are no galleries from other continents, considering that there are very favorable markets for the purchase of works of art with collectors who have an important purchasing power and, at the same time, interested in everything that is contemporary. All this works to the detriment of the quality of what is offered in a fair of this kind, although it is obvious that we can still see the work of internationally renowned artists in several participating galleries.