If there is anything conclusive after Madrid Art Week, it is the boom that Latin American art is having in Europe. It is no coincidence that Arco had Peru as the guest country, and that hundreds of artists from that country took Madrid by storm, beyond the precincts of Ifema. The old continent looks to Latin America and to the collectors of this region as a great market to be discovered and, obviously, to exploit.
In fact, in 2020 Latin America will once again star in the most important contemporary art fair in Spain, and nothing less than with “It's just a matter of time”, an interpretation of artistic practices based on the work of Cuban-American Félix González Torres.
But going back to this year, it is possible that eighty percent of the fairs that make up this great showcase that the Week of Art is, have had Latin American artists and galleries, among them some Cuban ones. Obviously, the largest representation was the Peruvian, with its president Martín Vizcarra at the head inaugurating Arco with the kings of Spain and followed by the long entourage of ministers and personalities who went to see the work of more than two hundred contemporary creators of that Andean country.