This idea has been brewed for a long time, because the historic center is a disaster. It is totally destroyed, and it is not usual to find a historic center in these conditions. If you go to any town in Cádiz, you have a minimal white facade, and this is not the look we want for the harbor, and it is a bit of that. It is a way, an action, to recover that different facade in the first place. It does not entail a very huge economic investment. It costs nothing, or yes, it costs but not as much as recovering facades of palaces. The “solares” are houses or palaces from the time of trade with the Indies, and salvaging them is very difficult because it involves a lot of money.
The project arose from an initiative of mine. I was the only woman among this group of artists who carried the project and I wanted to collaborate with another girl who did not belong to the project. I had to bring her from outside the group, but she was easily incorporated and enchanted with that. In every female artist, there is a certain need to reflect the whole history of that historical void that exists with respect to women that has to be filled in some way. And mural art is a fantastic medium to do so.