Roldán Lauzán (San Antonio de los Baños, 1987) is one of the most famous Cuban artists at the Art Week of Madrid, where he has exhibited, for the last three editions, on the stand that the Collage Habana Gallery usually has in Art Madrid.
The visibility he has gained in recent years has allowed this young man, graduated from the Academia de Bellas Artes (Academy of Fine Arts) “Eduardo Abela” in 2006, to exhibit at the important Portuguese gallery Nuno Sacramento and, more recently, to also exhibit at Madrid's BAT Alberto Cornejo
«Art Madrid is for me a kind of ritual. It's like coming back. I am very committed to this fair, and I try hard to bring something genuine and different. I do not like to repeat myself. Sometimes the pieces have more potential, but I had already been working with the hierophants for two years and I wanted to bring something completely new, refreshing for me and also for the audience.
»Madrid is the ritual of February. It is a fair that allows me to do what I want. I have a very intimate relationship with the fair, which I love. And if my work allows me, I will continue participating.