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With no small insistence, Arte por Excelencias tried to reach Spanish singer and composer Santiago Auserón (Zaragoza, July 25, 1954), alias Juan Perro, when he traveled to Havana in September and sang with his friend Pancho Amat at the Cubadisco Festival, and in a personal concert offered at the Theater Hall of the Cuban Art Building of the National Museum of Fine Arts.
Three months later, and thanks to the good diligence of his representative Miguel, we were able to have him in front of us, in the halls of the same hotel facility. He traveled to Cuba for a concert titled as his last album: Vagamundo (Vagabond). He performed it with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, directed by Maestro Enrique Pérez Mesa. This presentation is part of the projects promoted by the Spanish society Acción Cultural Española and by the embassy of that country in Cuba on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban capital. It was a treat for everyone who attended the Covarrubias hall of the Teatro Nacional and could listen to the seventeen songs that this Doctor of Philosophy sang and whom the music of the Island owes him several ventures that are barely known, and that we will have to be thankful to in the future.