The harvest reaped by the Ballet Contemporáneo de Camaguey was good and plentiful after its debut on the stage of the Kaye Playhouse, at Hunter University, in New York - one of the oldest academic centers of that city.
Guajira, Más allá del mar and Paseando mi alma ceased being mere choreographic pieces to become three ballets where each member of the company shined with its own light: three moments to rave about good art, three irrefutable proofs that talent is also cultivated in eastern Cuba.
Multi-awarded dancer and choreographer Pedro Ruiz stands as the main architect of this dream, perhaps because he has tried, for almost two decades, to shorten the distance between Cuba and the United States with the language of dance at The Windows Project, founded in 2010. He now registers the name of the Ballet Contemporáneo de Camaguey in New York ground through the Cuba aquí! festival, organized by Hunter University, which also includes master classes and exchanges with dance students from different ballet schools of this great American city.