«I started to know Cuba many years ago through music. In my house, you could listen to many songs of the old Cuban trova. As I got older, I entered not only its culture, but also its history; I identified with the Cubans at various levels. I think the Caribbean is a single area. We are just one culture: the same landscape.
»I remember Noel Nicola from a tour of Peru where we met. Then I met and bounced off ideas with other Cuban musicians such as Silvio Rodríguez and Alejandro García Virulo; I also met Omara Portuondo, accompanied by Martín Rojas, that great guitarist, and Los Compadres. To know Cuba started to become an obsession.
»Cuban music always brings surprises. This is a very musical country; talent comes out even of stones. It was in Tenerife that I became friends with Liuba María through music, which unites us so much. I always wanted to do a joint project. It was a beautiful opportunity. The idea was that she would sing traditional themes of my country and that I would interpret her songs ».