The beautiful capital of Colombia, Santa Fe de Bogotá, added since 2005 to its well-known mountains, skyscrapers and beautiful urban landscapes an additional important event: the International Art Fair called ArtBo. This important event of Latin American and universal art was founded and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.
In this 12th Edition  74 galleries of recognized work and others emerging from about 20 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States were added. In total almost 3,000 works belonging to 500 artists were exhibited in the large halls.
In ArtBo, whose director is, since 2011, Maria Paz Gaviria, it was once again highlighted the wide-ranging look of Latin American art: its diversity, which makes it different and autochthonous. The interest aroused by Latin American art in the world comes from many points of view: a product of our own light, of the exuberance of nature, of the playful sense that forms an essential part of our character.
To cross the threshold of the Corferias door where ArtBo has its natural, is to dialogue with the magic of contemporary creation ... Leon Tovar Gallery (United States) brought together important works such as those of teachers Jesús Rafael Soto and Julio Le Parc, representatives of The stream of Op Art and Cinetismo. He also showed other optical creators such as Víctor Vasarely, Luis Tomasello and Omar Rayo; additionally the geometric abstractions of Edgar Negret, and the abstract surrealism of Roberto Matta.
La Nueveochenta, from Colombia, was led by one of the cardinal names of the painting of that country: Ana Mercedes Hoyos, already disappeared, while the well-known creativity of the Colombian art is today motivated in many spaces, with Nadín Ospina and Álvaro Barrios at the head , and promoted by the gallery El Museo de Fernando Pradilla.
Other creations that came from Switzerland, Uruguay, Germany, France, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala exceled ..., while the galleries Habana and El Apartamento were present. Likewise, the magazine Arte por Excelencia took a prominent place in the space dedicated to publications...