José Manuel Fors

“I think that more than a personal recognition has been a prize for my generation: I would very much like that someday some of them, also be distinguished”, assured in exclusive conversation with Arte por Excelencia Jose Manuel Fors, artist who was granted the National Prize of Plastic Arts 2016.
Fors (Havana, January 10th, 1956) graduated in 1976 in the specialty of painting of the Academy of Arts of San Alejandro. Between 1983 and 1986 he studied at the Institute of Museology. He worked for ten years as a museographer at the National Museum of Fine Arts, the mecca of Cuban art, which he said contributed greatly to the work.
“I am never completely satisfied. Whenever I finish a job I question it and think that it can be improved. It is the eternal dissatisfaction of artists. Goodness!”.

Your work is based on installation and photographic manipulation, do you consider yourself a photographer or photography is just a mean?
I feel like an artist, simply. Although I can often use photography as a mean, but it's just that: the tool. I do not go out to take pictures on the street, that is, I do not have a photographer's look. The camera serves to replace the painting or the drawing, then I use it in the work - sometimes two-dimensional and others as large installations on the wall.

Any hobbies?
A lot! For example, before breakfast I have to work a little. I always get up with the uneasiness to start something. I feel like I have to work, almost constantly. I can not keep my hands quiet and I do not like to waste my time.