Alejandro Lescay
Las olvidadas hijas de Eva.
El silencio.

Alberto and Alejandro Lescay will travel in a direct flight, through art, to the Center of Cuban Studies of New York. Father and son rejoin as part of the project Somos and will take part in this exhibition that will catch the viewers through paintings, sculptures ...
For Alejandro, who has carved out his own history and avoided sheltering in the powerful shadow of his father, it is an honor. “Many people infer that my interest came to me from my father, but it was not that way. I never lived with him; I was always with my mother and my grandmother. It was the latter who awakened that passion in me”, he says.
“Over the years, I became more aware of my father's work as a sculptor. The most important thing for me was to live in a familiar environment where art could be breathed everywhere.
“Before I did not understand, but now I thank my father for never pulling strings to help me. It is how once learns the most and values oneself; Find out if you are capable of doing things and if indeed the decision was the right one”.
Alejandro Lescay entered the Professional School of Plastic Arts José Joaquín Tejada, in Santiago de Cuba, where he studied painting for four years. "A very good experience, because I learned the rigor of daily work, the importance of dedicating yourself in body and soul to what you consider to be the center of your existence”.
“ consider myself essentially a painter. I would never believe myself to be a photographer or engraver, because I respect those manifestations a lot, but I do not deny that I also like to prove myself, to look for other effects, to exploit new possibilities”.
“I have never defined myself as an abstract or figurative painter, because the truth is that my soul is divided in these two ways. You have to assume what you really feel, which in my case is to merge both styles”.