If we were to assess how much of the market share MICE travel takes, we’ll be surprised to see the huge offer both the private and public sectors have to offer. Therefore, tapping into its humongous potentials will render in contacting a PCO (Professional Congress Organizer), institutions and companies that are the customers of this kind of travel activity.
If we bear in mind this is a sector stripped of inconveniences or collateral damages, contrary to cruise travel, for instance, then it’s quite clear that this is a sector to be promoted for the state, a gross creator of jobs, a local taxpayer that helps develop transport, hotels and restaurants, an unpolluted sector that makes host cities grow and reels in attendees that could contribute to showcasing the country’s image, and eventually makes those participants come back to the destination with families and friends in tow. That’s the way things are and it’s statistically demonstrated.
The challenge on the road ahead is to properly adjust it to our market, based on a national analysis of the needs of the country, region or city. That’s the key to MICE success.