This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Habano Festival, happening together with the 20th birthday of our Excelencias magazine. These are moments of joy and an opportunity, above all, to remember how this joint effort between Habanos S.A. and our Excelencias Group ever came to pass, two companies that pursue the common goal of seeking and finding Excellence for the sake of our own customers.
Many ideas to pass on the culture and tradition of the Habano to our readers have popped up in the course of these twenty years, endeavors to convey the symbiosis of the Taino origins, the evolution and exquisiteness of processing tobacco leaves all the way to the casing of the cigars. Habanos S.A. has managed to make Habanos the world’s most coveted cigars. Today, the culture of Habanos is considered a key element of the Cuban identity, beyond the Caribbean boundaries.
The great masters of gastronomy are now letting us in their restaurants to feel new sensations. That’s what Habanos S.A. does when it unveils new cigars that provide a perfect harmony to the experience of enjoying an exclusive meal or having a pleasant after-meal talk. It’s all about a divine creation, the same feeling we get when we lay hands on a new magazine that marks a milestone like this: 20 years.
Cuba can be proud of having two of the most sought-after sensorial products around the globe: Habanos and rum. Let’s then toast to this perfect match and, together with Excelencias, let’s light up that robusto Habano that calls us from its scented box.