Habanos, S.A. was born 26 years ago and shortly after that it came up with a one-and-only activity in the world: the Habano Festival, a very special and exclusive meeting that gathers aficionados, experts and connoisseurs from all over the globe around the chance to live a unique experience.

Harmony between rums and Habanos -a select and profound work carried out by the best Cuban sommeliers-, the art that overflows with boldface names of the culture, the presence of political figures, as well as the presence of celebrities from all over the world, are just some of the many and valuable moments that define the Festival, reasons enough to make everyone want to come back year after year and repeat their stay in this fabulous event. This is a gathering that welcomes over 2,000 people and in which the elements of solidarity, sustainability and satisfaction are present since its creation.

This year, Habanos, S.A. will be celebrating milestone anniversaries: the 145th anniversary of Romeo y Julieta, which the launch of its Golden Line featuring three new vitolas; the 85th anniversary of Montecristo, the three decades of the La Casa del Habano franchise network, and the 175th anniversary of Partagás, which will be held with the launch of a Special Edition.  

Just on the heels of the 25th anniversary of the foundation of this major company and the 500th anniversary of Havana, attendees will be able to sip the finest rums and vines. 

Then, with the visit to the plantations in San Antonio, a technical and recreational cycle will be closed to finally get to the nitty gritty of this writing. It’s a satisfactory and solidary event because the money collected in the humidor auction is funneled into the Cuban public healthcare system. But it’s also sustainable in as much because the traditions of cultivation, sowing and hand-rolling are preserved. In the same breath, it’s sustainable due to the fact that a unique product is presented, let alone due to the unbeatable work of that family core called Habanos, S.A.

Taking part in this auction, which has raked in over 1.5 million euros, is something unusual and very special. These are humidors full of the best and most exclusive Habanos, each one with its own brand and characteristic. These are very precious objects because they have been crafted and designed by world-class Cuban artists, and because of their value as unique pieces that eventually turn them into genuine masterpieces. 

The Excelencias Group, by the hand of its magazines (www.revistasexcelencias.com, www.arteporexcelencias.com, www.excelenciasgourmet.com, www.excelenciasdelmotor.com) and its newspapers, has traipsed along Habanos, S.A. through the 22 editions of the festival. And it has done so not only with its regular issues, but also by putting out a special magazine like this one that now comes to yours hands, both in English and Spanish, to spread out the events of the Habanos universe worldwide, as well as the launches of new products. All the events have also been echoed in the printed magazines, on our Excelencias app, or on such websites as www.caribeinsider.com, www.excelenciascuba.com and www.caribbeannewsdigital.com.

With this editor’s letter, we thank Habanos, S.A. for the trust it has pinned on the Excelencias Group and the support received from them for the Excelencias Gastronomic Seminars, which we have been holding in Mexico, Panama and Cuba for more than ten years. Celebrating 500 years of Havana in the company of such a prestigious company, whose Festival is now unfolding in its 22nd edition, is no doubt something we feel very proud of.